Luna Aureum
Vital statistics
Name Luna Aureum
Age 20
Status Alive
House Aureum
Physical attributes
Height 5'4"
Weight Unknown
Family Unknown
Romances Solis Angelus (boyfriend)

Rosa Angelus (ex girlfriend)


Luna in Sorry

Luna Aureum is a character created by Halsey who appears to be the focal point of her second album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Luna belongs to the House of Aureum. As the album is inspired by Romeo and Juliet, Luna is Romeo in its story.

The Prophecy


Luna in Now or Never

There is a prophecy in HFK that concerns the two koi fish in the fountain in the center of the kingdom. the two fish swim around in circles, & it is said that if the two fish catch each other, love can actually exist within the kingdom. the fish have never caught each other. since Solis & Luna are the first to be born into the kingdom, they are thought to be the answer to the prophecy, but their families try to keep them apart because they believe the kingdom cannot handle love.


Luna is hot-headed, reckless, & more emotional than Solis. She is more callous & dirty than the Angelus clan, & more antisocial & standoffish.



Luna with Solis

Luna's first love was Rosa Angelus who was originally just someone she hooked up with multiple times before they tried to pursue a serious relationship. Sadly, the conflict between the houses kept the two apart.

Solis Angelus was her second serious lover, & the only other person who was born into the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.



Luna in Bad at Love

*Now or Never

*Bad At Love






Luna Aureum


Luna in Strangers

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